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  • 各国签证咨询!!
  • HI, Quail, i've got the visa, and i will be in India on 10th this month. The consulate is very nice,i just showed him the ticket booking receipt and some information related with my monetary status, i persuaded him to issue me the visa without bank information. thanks.
  • There is mistake about India Tourist Visa validation, the visa validation is 3 months and effective for the date of visa issue. So you would not be allowed to say 3 months in India except you enter the country at same day of visa issue.
  • Sorry, I can not remember there is anything regarding mother or wife in Visa Application Form. You can check with Embassy.
  • 鹌鹑你好:

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  • Hi, thanks.I have to go to Beijing to apply for my visa,but there is no email address of the consulate,i dont know how to ask them about the procedure,i wonder if i need the ticket or just the receipt. Anyway,thanks a lot. I wish i could enjoy the short trip there,and we can share the beauty of journey.

  • Lotus, Sorry for reply late. I was not able to find a computer with Chinese since the early of April. June is moonson season for most part of India. It doesn't rain all days like in Shanghai, normaly have a daily shower. So it's not too bad, at least better than hot season. Frankly, 2 weeks in India is too short, you have to forcus in one state, otherwise you would not enjoy your trip very much. If you have any query, please write to me.
  • Hi,thanks a lot for your information. Could u tell me more about India? Though i know June is not a good time for me to travel there.But i only have two weeks in June. I have no choice. May I write u email sometimes? when u r free, give me a word,i enjoy reading yr words.
  • The India tourist visa for Chinese has been changed. It only need 2 to 3 working days now. Regarding air ticket, it's by individual, they may or may not reqire. Anyway, you'd better to check with embassy or cosulate before you apply visa.

    Sorry, I could not write in Chinese because I am travelling overseas.
  • 这名字好温暖。。。

  • 签证官的情绪好,定单就可以了, 否则, 还是要机票的.
  • 鹌鹑你好^_^很喜欢你写的文字,希望和你能作个友情链接。我是游牧人的。
  • 更正一下,无需往返机票原件的,订单就可以了,当然要写明往返程时间,我是昨天上午去的,今天下午就有拿了,面试时签证管几乎没问啥问题,只是仔细看了护照,因为以往记录良好,五分钟就过了
  • 用机票订单就可以了,不用机票
  • heihei, 印度使馆够黑啊!不知批否,就先要机票。